Preprofessional Studies

Pre-Public Health

Students apply for admission through the School of Public Health. Admission into the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program is selective and dependent on the availability of space. Students seeking direct admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program must meet these minimum requirements:

  1. Junior standing - completion of 60 semester hours of specified General Education course work at UIC or from any accredited community college or four-year college or university. Note: Students who have not yet completed the specified general education course work necessary for direct admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program are eligible to apply to the Public Health–Undecided (Pre-Public Health) program within the School of Public Health.
  2. Specified General Education course work includes completion of 9 semester hours of introductory public health course work with a grade of B or better in each course (PUBH 100, PUBH 110, and PUBH 120). Special consideration will be given to students who have taken comparable prerequisites at community colleges or other four-year colleges or universities.
  3. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50/4.00. A 2.75/4.00 or above is recommended for priority consideration.
  4. Personal statement of educational goals including reasons for selecting a public health degree.
  5. One letter of recommendation from a professional or academic reference.

The 60 semester hours required for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health should include the following courses:

Required Courses
ENGL 160Academic Writing I: Writing in Academic and Public Contexts3
ENGL 161Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research3
Foreign language (16 hours in a single language or equivalent) a16
Select one of the following Quantitative Reasoning courses: b3-5
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Statistics for the Life Sciences
College Algebra
Mathematical Reasoning
Precalculus Mathematics
Elementary Linear Algebra
Finite Mathematics for Business
Calculus for Business
Calculus for the Life Sciences
Calculus I
Statistics in Communication Research
Research Methods II
Political Data Analysis
Statistical Methods in Behavioral Science
Introductory Sociological Statistics
Introductory Logic
Symbolic Logic
PUBH 100Health and the Public c, d3
PUBH 105Foundations for Public Health e2
PUBH 110Public Health and Global Societies c, f3
PUBH 120Public Health and the Study of Disease and Epidemics g3
Additional Analyzing the Natural World course. Select from one of the following life science courses with a lab:4
Human Evolution
Biology of Cells and Organisms
Biology of Populations and Communities
Biology for Non-majors
Understanding the Individual and Society course h, i, j3
Understanding U.S. Society course i, j3
Exploring World Cultures course h, j3
Understanding the Past course j3
Understanding the Creative Arts course j3
Additional General Education course(s) from any category, as necessary to total 24 hours of General Education credit j1-3
Free electives to total 60 hours0-10
Total Hours60