Minor in Accounting

Minor Code: TBD

Requirements for the Minor

The minor requires 12 hours. A 2.00/4.00 grade point average is required for all work completed for the minor at UIC. Students majoring in Accounting are not eligible for this minor. 

Prerequisite Courses for Non-Business Students
Non-business students will be required to take the following two Business Core courses as prerequisites to complete the minor:
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Required Course
ACTG 315Intermediate Financial Accounting I a,b3
9 semester hours from any of the 300-level and 400-level ACTG courses that fulfill the requirements for the Accounting major c,d9
Total Hours12

Prerequisites for ACTG 315 are ACTG 210 and ACTG 211.


Students must earn a letter grade of C or above in ACTG 315.


Certain 300-level and 400-level courses require a grade of C or above in ACTG 315 as a prerequisite.


Certain 400-level accounting courses may have an additional prerequisite that students are required to complete; the completion of these additional 300-level and above prerequisites will count towards the elective requirement.

Enrollment Residence Requirement in the Minor

A student must complete at least one-half of the coursework required for the minor field in residence at the University of Illinois Chicago.