Minor in Entrepreneurship

Minor Code: 3501

Requirements for the Minor

The minor requires 12–15 semester hours (4–5 courses). 15 semester hours  are required of nonbusiness majors and 12 semester hours are required of non-entrepreneurship business majors. A 2.50/4.00 grade point average is required for all work completed for the minor. Students majoring in Entrepreneurship are not eligible for the minor.

Required Courses
Business majors must take 6 semester hours; nonbusiness majors must take 9 semester hours.
ENTR 200Survey of Entrepreneurship (required of nonbusiness majors only)3
ENTR 310Introduction to Entrepreneurship (required)3
ENTR 445New Venture Planning (required)3
Select two additional courses from the list below. MGMT, MKTG and FIN courses may have non-ENTR prerequisite courses that have to be met by all students taking those courses.6
Entrepreneurship Internship Program
Strategic Analysis and Reporting
Social Entrepreneurship
International Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Finance
Financing Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship New Venture Formation
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
Interdisciplinary Research and Development I
Digital and Social Media Marketing
No more than 6 semester hours (2 courses) for this minor may be counted toward the major requirements in the BS in Managerial Studies or BS in Marketing.
Total Hours12-15