Occupational Therapy (OT)


OT 350. Introduction to Occupational Therapy: Occupation and Participation across the Lifespan. 3 hours.

Designed to introduce students to the history, philosophy, and practice of occupational therapy and provide students with a foundational understanding of the role of occupational therapists across settings and populations. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or above.

OT 360. Promoting Wellbeing. 2 hours.

Provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills from an occupational therapy perspective to promote self-management and wellbeing for themselves and others, applying the concepts to academic, social, work and professional roles. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate standing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

OT 494. Special Topics in Occupational Therapy. 1-4 hours.

Selected occupational therapy-related seminar topics of interest or pilot version of new occupational therapy course. Designed for undergraduate and non-occupational therapy major graduate students. Course Information: May be repeated. Students may register in more than one section per term. Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or above or graduate standing. Recommended background: Undergraduate students: Completion or concurrent registration in OT 350.

OT 496. Independent Study. 1-4 hours.

For undergraduate students who wish to pursue an independent study experience for credit. Course Information: May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or above; and consent of the instructor.