Minor in Social Justice

Requirements for the Minor

Students who want to minor in Social Justice must complete 16 semester hours distributed as follows.

Required Courses
SJ 101Introduction to Social Justice: Stories and Struggles a3
SJ 201Theories and Practices of Social Justice b3
SJ 301Social Justice Capstone4
6 additional hours of coursework chosen in consultation with the advisor6
Total Hours16

This course is approved for the Understanding the Individual and Society General Education category.


This course is approved for the Understanding U.S. Society General Education category.

Recommended Courses for the Minor
Courses without Prerequisites
Anthropology of Social Movements
Black Politics and Culture in the United States
Rights, Justice and the Law
Race, Class, Gender and the Law
Introduction to Media
Disability in U.S. Society
Race, Place, and Schooling: Black Americans and Education
Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Education
Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies
History and Theories of Feminism
The Worker in American Life
Global Public Health Challenges
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Latin American Cities in a Global Context: Environment, Employment, and Housing
Music Cultures of the World
Native American Studies: Sovereignty
Nonprofit Organizations and Civil Society
Introduction to Ethics
Morality and the Law
Constitutional Law: African-American Legal History
Topics in Social Justice
Cinema and the City
Courses with Prerequisites or Consent of the Instructor
Race and the Politics of Incarceration
Gender, Crime, and Justice
Critical Issues in Community Engagement
Asian/Asian American Women in the Global Economy
Asian America and Transnational Feminism
Comparative Social Movements
Constructions of Gender, Race, Health, and Human Rights
Feminism and Social Change
Queer Histories
Social Movements in Latin America
Race and Citizenship in the Americas
Topics in Ethics and Political Philosophy
The Constitution and Civil Liberties
Constitutional Law: Women, Gender and Privacy
Law and Public Policy