Minor in Logic, Argumentation, and Writing

The Minor in Logic, Argumentation, and Writing (LAWR) offers students the opportunity for critical training in logical reasoning, persuasive argumentation, and advanced written communication for professional and academic contexts. The skills gained from the LAWR minor are particularly valuable for the study and practice of law, but also for professional contexts and graduate training where critical thinking and written communication are essential.

Students who wish to pursue this minor must complete 16–18 semester hours, with at least 9 hours at the 200 level or above. Students who enroll for only a 1- or 2-hour internship must take both selective courses at the 200 level or above.

English and Philosophy majors are eligible to add this minor if no more than 6 hours overlap between their major and minor courses of study, and if their elective for the minor is not a course in their major discipline (i.e. the elective must be housed in English for Philosophy majors, and housed in Philosophy for English majors).

To earn the minor, students must complete the following requirements: 

Required Courses a
ENGL 154Understanding Rhetoric3
PHIL 102Introductory Logic3
Select one of the following:3
Critical and Analytical Reasoning
What Is a Fact?
Theory of Knowledge b
Introduction to the Philosophy of Language b
Symbolic Logic b
Inductive Logic and Decision Making
Select one of the following:3
English Grammar and Style
Media and Professional Writing b
Rhetorical Studies
Rhetoric and Public Life
Argument and Persuasion
Advanced Professional Writing
Writing Digital and New Media
Technical Writing
Topics in Rhetorical Studies
Topics in Language and Rhetoric
Discourse and Rhetoric
Any 200-level or above English or Philosophy course3
Select one of the following:1-3
Internship in Nonfiction Writing c
Portfolio Practicum
Total Hours16-18