Minor in Moving Image Arts

Requirements for the Minor

Students wishing to minor in Moving Image Arts must complete 18–20 semester hours, in consultation with a faculty advisor from the Moving Image Arts Committee, as outlined below:

Required Courses
Select one of the following:3-4
Introduction to Film
Introduction to Moving Image Arts
Introduction to Filmmaking
Select two of the following:6
Communication Technologies
History of Film I: 1890 to World War II
History of Film II: World War II to the Present
MOVI/ENGL 302Studies in the Moving Image a3
Two elective courses from the list of courses approved for the Moving Image Arts Minor6-7
Total Hours18-20

Courses Approved for the Minor in Moving Image Arts

The following courses are approved for a minor in Moving Image Arts. Students select from this list with the approval of their advisor in Moving Image Arts.

ART 170Introduction to Filmmaking4
Art History
AH/ENGL 232History of Film I: 1890 to World War II3
AH/ENGL 233History of Film II: World War II to the Present3
AH 432Topics in Film and Video3
AH 434/ENGL 472/GWS 472Women and Film3
COMM 103Introduction to Media3
COMM 200Communication Technologies3
COMM 330Mass Media and Popular Culture3
ENGL 102Introduction to Film3
ENGL 120Film and Culture3
ENGL 121Introduction to Moving Image Arts3
FR 440Topics in French and Francophone Cinema3
Germanic Studies
GER 217Introduction to German Cinema4
GER 422Germanic Cultural Studies III: Themes3
ITAL 280Italian and Italian American Cinema3
Latin American and Latino Studies
LALS 278Latin American/Latino Film Studies4
PHIL 234Philosophy and Film3
POL 150Introduction to Polish Cinema3
RUSS 150Introduction to Russian Cinema3