BS in the Teaching of Physics

Degree Requirements

To earn a Bachelor of Science in the Teaching of Physics degree from UIC, students must complete university, college, and department degree requirements. The Department of Physics degree requirements are outlined below. Students should consult the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section for additional degree requirements and college academic policies.

Summary of Requirements
Required Prerequisite and Collateral Courses26
Major Requirements39-40
General Education and Electives to reach Minimum Total Hours54-55
Total Hours120

Note: Teacher education students must fulfill certain other requirements. Please see below and consult the Council on Teacher Education section of the catalog for more information.

General Education

See General Education and Writing-in-the-Discipline in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section for information on meeting these requirements. Students should consult the course lists below and their advisors to determine which courses are counted toward the General Education and Writing-in-the-Discipline requirements.

Teaching of Math Endorsement

Students who intend to obtain an endorsement in the teaching of mathematics in addition to licensure in the teaching of physics should pay special attention to the footnotes throughout this section. Additionally, students should complete 39 hours for the physics major, the requirements for the Minor in Mathematics, and additional course work that is specific to the endorsement in mathematics as described below.

Required Prerequisite and Collateral Courses

Required Courses
MATH 180Calculus I a,b4
MATH 181Calculus II a4
MATH 210Calculus III a3
CHEM 112See advisor5
Select one of the following:5
BIOS 100
See advisor
CHEM 114
See advisor
Select one of the following: 3
Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
Introduction to Differential Equations
Total Hours24

Major Requirementsa

Required Courses
PHYS 141General Physics I (Mechanics) b4
PHYS 142General Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism) b4
PHYS 215Computational and Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences4
PHYS 244See advisor3
PHYS 245Introduction to Vibrations, Waves, and Thermal Physics4
PHYS 481Modern Experimental Physics I c,e4
PHYS 499Survey of Physics Problems d,e1
Select four of the following with at least three in physics: 15-16
Electromagnetism I
Quantum Mechanics I
Modern Optics
Theoretical Mechanics
Molecular Biophysics of the Cell
Thermal and Statistical Physics
Modern Experimental Physics II
Applied Linear Algebra
Linear Algebra I
Total Hours39-40

Minor in Mathematics

A Minor in Mathematics requires MATH 180, MATH 181, and MATH 210 (already taken in the prerequisites for the Physics major) and 8 additional hours of MATH, MCS, or STAT electives at the 200-, 300-, or 400-level (with one in the MATH rubric with the exception of MATH 205).

To earn an endorsement in the teaching of math, students should complete the requirements for the Minor in Mathematics and the specific courses listed below.

Required Courses a
Select one of the following: 3
Applied Statistical Methods I b
Introduction to Probability b
MTHT 411Advanced Euclidean Geometry c3
Select one of the following:3
Abstract Algebra d
Abstract Algebra I d
Total Hours9

Students who intend to apply for the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership degree in order to obtain licensure in secondary science: physics with a math endorsement must complete a Minor in Mathematics that includes courses required for state teacher licensure.

Additional Requirements for Teacher Education

In addition to the specified course work in the major field, teacher education students must fulfill certain professional education course requirements, which are mandated by the State of Illinois:

Required Courses
ED 200Education Policy Foundations3
ED 210Principles of Learning and Instruction Across the Lifespan3
SPED 410Exceptional Learners3
CI 414Middle and High School Literacy3
PHYS 469The Learning and Teaching of Physics4
ED 425Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in the Urban Secondary Classroom4
ED 470Educational Practice with Seminar I6
ED 471Educational Practice with Seminar II6

Grades in the above courses must average at least 3.00 with no grade lower than C. Overall, students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50/4.00. For detailed information, see the Program Guide for Teacher Education in Physics, which is available from the secondary education coordinator in the Department of Physics.

The teaching license is not automatically awarded upon successful completion of licensure and degree requirements. Before the license is issued, the candidate must file an application for the Illinois teaching license with the Council on Teacher Education. The candidate must also pass a series of examinations required by the Illinois State Board of Education. The Content Area Test (s) must be passed before the candidate is allowed to student teach. The Assessment of Professional Teaching must be passed prior to licensure. For information on application procedures, contact the Council on Teacher Education located in 3015 ETMSW. See the Council on Teacher Education section of the catalog.