Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts (ISA)

ISA 400. Advanced Topics in Interdisciplinary Arts. 3 or 4 hours.

Exploration of advanced topics in interdisciplinary arts which include architecture, art and design, art history, music and theatre. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. May be repeated up to 1 time(s).

ISA 490. International Student Exchange Program. 0-18 hours.

The Student Exchange Program enables the reciprocal exchange of students between UIC and colleges or universities in other countries. There are a variety of program tailored to meet the needs of both graduate and undergraduate students. Course Information: May be repeated for a maximum of 48 hours of credit. May be repeated for a maximum of 36 hours per academic year or for a total of 48 hours, all of which must be earned within one calendar year. Determination of the number of credits to be granted is part of the proposal approval process. Students from other UIC Colleges and Schools are eligible for the program. For more information, visit the website at Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or above and approval of the student's major department, the AA College office, and the Office of International Affairs.

ISA 500. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts. 4 hours.

Provides the opportunity for students to explore interdisciplinary methods in research in specific the arts and historical related topics not covered in a regular course curriculum. Course Information: May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours. Course can also be used as a continuing education module in the visual and performing arts, as well as preservation studies, museology, architectural and art history. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.