Pharmacy Practice (PMPR)


PMPR 430. Critical Care I. 2 hours.

Advanced pharmacotherapeutics course that will concentrate on the medical management and the pharmacotherapist's role in the management of the critically ill patient. This course will also incorporate and apply pharmacokinetic principles. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): HAR 401 and PHAR 402 and PHAR 403 and PHAR 404 and PHAR 405 and PHAR 406; and PHAR 407 and PHAR 408; and completion of the second year of the program Beginning Spring 2019: Concurrent enrollment in PHAR 510.

PMPR 440. Applied Pharmacokinetics. 2 hours.

An elective course demonstrating practical application of pharmacokinetic principles. Course Information: Previously listed as PMPR 340. Scientific calculator required. Prerequisite(s): PHAR 401, PHAR 402, PHAR 403, PHAR 404, PHAR 405, and PHAR 406 or consent of the instructor.

PMPR 450. Medical writing. 1 hour.

Students will access weekly online modules that will cover the fundamentals of writing, editing, and publishing scientific medical information. Prerequisite(s): PHAR 440.