Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences (OMDS)

OMDS 424. Oral Pathology. 4 hours.

Diseases of teeth, periodontium, facial bones, muscles, nerves and mucous membranes of the oral region, and salivary glands. Introduction to clinical differential diagnosis. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): ANAT 312 and BCHE 411 and HSTL 451 and PHYB 321 and PATH 421.

OMDS 503. Graduate Oral Pathology. 2 hours.

Oral pathology for postgraduate students will cover the clinical and microscopic features of pathologic changes linked to oral-dental and systemic diseases. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): OMDS 424 or the equivalent. Recommended background: Prior academic coursework including biology, histology and other related sciences.

OMDS 519. Electron Microscopy Seminar. 1 hour.

A student speaker makes a seminar type presentation about a topic and follows this with a discussion involving electron microscopy. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.

OMDS 527. Oral Biology Seminar. 1 hour.

Invited speakers present the progress of current research work in their field of interest related to oral tissues. Course Information: Same as HSTL 514. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.

OMDS 529. Electron Microscopy in Dentistry. 1 hour.

Principles, theory, and practice of transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis. Processing, sectioning, staining and examination of tissues. Course Information: Same as HSTL 515. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor. Class Schedule Information: To be properly registered, students must enroll in one Laboratory and one Lecture.